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We've home with Duchess.  It was 11pm.  I was tired, waiting with anticipation pooped me out lol  

Duchess is an absolute doll.  She walked up and introduced her self to King and Molly like she was so happy to see them.  King and Molly gave her the once over and then said, Hey lets go for a walk Off we went to the nearest telephone pole and back.

The three of them sorted themselves out in the car like they'd been doing it all their lives.  King and Duchess slept all the way, Molly like normal, stood watch. 
We are delighted to have her join our family and Thank you for her, so much Turtle Gardens.  We already love her.  We'll have a few ups and downs, but we'll handle them and they'll pass. 
See Duchess Play with King & Molly  on YouTube   


I think Duchess is starting to RELAX!!

Relaxed Duchess

King & His Girls


King & His Girls 

Posted By Katog


It's 4 am.  I can't sleep. King & Molly & Daddy are all sleeping sound.  King's breathing is slow and methodical. I think he's feeling better. At least he seems to be resting very well. 

There's a skiff of fresh snow covering the already white and frozen ground.  I've checked and rechecked road conditions.  Compact snow and slushy sections. The weather for later in the day is to be cloudy. Some weather sites say there is a chance of flurries.  We have good snow tires and Mark is a good driver.   

Dave and Brian are leaving Naniamo some time early this morning,  We'll meet them in Cache Creek.  They'll phone ahead of time to let us know when they will arrive for us to meet them.   They are bringing our new family member to us.  Duchess!  I hope she's resting well.  She has no idea she is coming to live with us,  For all she knows this is just a wonderful road trip she is taking with her new Daddy Dave.   

King & Molly have no idea we are about to expand our family.  They should be used to dogs coming and going through our home.  I doggy sit so many different dogs.  We have not changed our daily routines. Nothing has been any different than on any other given day.  There has been nothing to indicate we will have a visitor.  

King had a dodgy tummy earlier.  A bout of vomitting and a VERY LOOSE stool yesterday afternoon.  He ate a small portion of rice for dinner and kept it down.  Perhaps it's just a 12 hour thing.  I'm thinking he probably ate too many of the mountain ash berries combined with too much bird seed in the snow.  He finds it in the snow and munches it down like they are cookies.  He is well fed in our care and does not go hungry.  I think he may have learned to eat these things when he was pack leader in Bella Coola.  Old habits die hard.   

I'll give him rice again for breakfast and see how he does.  He can rest during our car ride to pick up Duchess. I'm sure he'll be fine. Better to take him with us than to leave him home to worry on his own. He does NOT like to be left on his own.  He wont be. 

Time to try to read a book and fall back to sleep for awhile.

Will it work? I hope so.


We'll be there to bring you home soon Dutchess :-)





Posted By Katog


Where did the year go?! 

I was going to begin by saying something prophetic and awe inspiriing. 

Well? Did my "Wow!" cover it? lol 

No, I didn't think it would. That's exactly how I feel though. Is this a sign of getting older?

New Years Eve means I get to celebrate by doing the one simple thing I've really wanted to do all year long, but never seem to get the time nor the energy to do.

Stay home, relax with the quiet company of my own true love. Watch a bit of telly. Hug the dogs, take in the quiet escence of their beings. Shed a tear of happiness at the tranquille life we get to live.

Say a simple quiet prayer for all those who are not at home with the ones they love. Pray that the wandering dogs that have no homes, have at least found somewhere warmish to sleep on this Eve of a New Beginnning.

Toast the New Year in at 10:00 pm and snuggle into bed with my love. Waiting for the New Year to wake me with a rejuvenated soul. I've made it into yet another year.

What will I do this year?

Wake every morning and ask myself...

"What can I do today that will make my loves lives better?"



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