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Posted By Katog

I absolutely felt compelled to write a blog today. Today is Kings Rebirthday. There is always so much going on in our lives, sometimes we forget that things were not always like they are today.

Sometimes we forget that our dogs didn’t always have a soft mat to sleep on and a full tummy every night. We are however reminded daily of all the dogs that are still out there that don’t have those things. The ones that are still waiting to be found and rescued and rehabilitated and rehomed. We imagine their day is just around the corner. We hope there will be more people who are willing to stop and take the time to DO something for them. Today because of people like that I can look down at our wonderful soft eyed King as he lies so peacefully at my feet. I can’t help but smile at him.

Today I will take a few minutes of out of my busy day and pay tribute to those people who SAVED HIS LIFE! Lou & Bonnie Baird and Dave & Yvette Labatte. I won’t go into all the details of their rescue because I write it out every year. You can easily read it in the This Day Past Years.

We still wonder what ever happened to the rest of The Bella Coola Four. We still hope that one day we can make contact with them. Lou & Bonnie continue to visit us regularly. They have only recently moved from Alberta and are now living on Vancouver Island. Perhaps there will be a chance for them to visit again, face to face with Yvette this summer at the Reunion. We’ll see.
Today I will serve King and his ‘todays pack’ a special meaty dinner. Oddly enough in our house this day we have four furries in our pack at the moment. Princess MollyDawg, Seven and Mia. King still reigns.

I know if King were a people, today in his heart he would cry out, Thank you Lou & Bonnie Baird and Dave & Yvette Labatte. From ALL my Packs and ALL the dogs you have ever helped to find their lives.
We owe you far more than our words can ever say. 

Thank you so very much for being there.

King & his Furever Family
Mark, Del, Princess MollyDawg, Seven and Mia 

Please take a moment to visit this link and re read this story. It is not about King but about another dog and it is a reminder of what Dave and Yvette DO! It was posted back on July 20 2006 by their son Stan and I always enjoy reading it. So I thought today would be an appropriate day to re share it with you. What They DO July 20 2006
And after you’ve read that please turn to this page and read the poem that broke our hearts enough to submit the application for King. Do I go home today?


King and his today pack
Posted By Katog

Its already been 2 weeks since we had to return her to Daddy Dave in Cache Creek.  The time is passing by very slowly.  Each day drags on into the other.  We all miss her alot. We were hoping her mom would send some information to us about how she's adjusting to life back in another foster home. Nothing has arrived as yet.

We carry on day to day.  The weather is changing and the flowers are beginning to show their heads.  The skies have brigthened and our walks have started to increase again. 

We have Seven and Mia visiting us so we have lots of playtime. Mia is onlyhere until the first week in May but Seven will be joining us untill September. His mom, ( our Aunty Kathi) is working up in the yukon as an Mining Exploration camp.  It's a fly into only area and it may have been a bit too traumatic for Seven.  So he's our little baby brother again this summer :)

Mom has still been doing alot of Turtle Gardens blog writing and she has been trying to help promote them through Facebook as well.

Their facebook address is here

Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society Yvette Labatte/150720474987798

Please read their comments and current happenings on 




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