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... and with it comes all the work of putting fruits and veg away for the winter. I wonder how I managed to do as much as I did when my children were little. Nowadays I do only what Landie and I like to have over the winter.

Our veggie garden has made way for a swimming pool. Only our fruit trees remain for canning. I buy from othe farms, organic tomatoes, green peppers, onions and beets etc for canning.

This weekend is fish. 2 smokers going full bore all weekend. By Monday we'll have done 12 salmon. We'll split that with Kathi and that's all we'll need for the winter. Landie will turn the last of the fruit, peaches, plums and pears into cider today.


The Royals have been diligent in making sure any fruit that dropped on the ground didnt get eaten by bugs. Heaven forbid the bugs should get some yummy food that really is better deserved by the dogs. Duchess sat on guard under the pear tree, on high alert in case something dropped. I've posted a few videos on Kings youtube. Have a look if you get a chance.


Here's a little video for you to enjoy. "The Royals enjoy they're last frozen bone before Autumn. Next ones will be oven warmed to keep their tummys warm in the winter months."



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