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Posted By Katog

Yes, that's it ,we survived. Yet another Christmas has been put to rest and our tummies are all snug and full {{BURP}} Oops parden me!  Now its just to get through Landie's Birthday and New Years.  Then it's off to a  fresh new start.

Visit our photos on any of our pages.  I've added Ice Fishing & sledding pics on Flickr, so have a look.  I'll put the link with all of our others in the right hand column over there ------------->>>

Merry Chritmas and Best Wishes for 2008

P.S. Sanks for the comment and the family pic Real {2 thumbs up} 

Hey, where's the free beer?  Hey, where's the free beer? 

Posted By Katog

Yes, we have more wintery weather in store.  Our lovely - 18 temps are gone for now and we are back into the single digit lows.  It was only - 8 this morning.  Although, with the warmer weather comes the snow.  We had another 5 inches last night. The children are happy, happy and I'm smiling as well. 


Ask me in a week if Im still smiling :-))

Posted By Katog

I've posted a couple new videos on YouTube.

Have a look when you get some time.


First Snowfall Dec. 07




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