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I never thought I'ld be so happy to see September roll in.  It's been a dreadful summer.  Wildfires, evacuations, very stressful in deed.  Our skies are still thick with smoke and many fires continue to burn.  I'm tired of breathing smoke and using bottled water. I want to turn on my taps and drink the fresh mountain water once again.  

We did have some highs this summer. (other than the temperatures)  Turtle Gardens had a reunion in Burnaby.  I worried about how Molly would behave. She was an absolute dream.  We were so proud of her. King was the hit of many hearts and he loved reuniting with all his fellow TG alumni. 

Being evacuated we went to Mission in stead of Kamloops. It was so nice to visit with my sister and her hubby.  We were able to see their brand new house and be a part of them as they begin to transform it into a home. 

A visit to Burnaby meant a visit with Pam & Martin.  Finally after two years we break bread with them again.  We are so lucky to have such caring friends and family.  

Im feeling more relaxed being back home now. Im coping with the smoke and trying hard to carry on with daily routines.  Im painting cupboards, and painting my livingroom wall. Im going to be bold and brave and try an entire new color. Deep wine/burgandy. It matches our livingroom furniture.  Its fresh clean and a bold new step into places Ive never gone before LMAO.

 Laughter........ the best medicine! 

TG Reunion


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