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Where did the year go?! 

I was going to begin by saying something prophetic and awe inspiriing. 

Well? Did my "Wow!" cover it? lol 

No, I didn't think it would. That's exactly how I feel though. Is this a sign of getting older?

New Years Eve means I get to celebrate by doing the one simple thing I've really wanted to do all year long, but never seem to get the time nor the energy to do.

Stay home, relax with the quiet company of my own true love. Watch a bit of telly. Hug the dogs, take in the quiet escence of their beings. Shed a tear of happiness at the tranquille life we get to live.

Say a simple quiet prayer for all those who are not at home with the ones they love. Pray that the wandering dogs that have no homes, have at least found somewhere warmish to sleep on this Eve of a New Beginnning.

Toast the New Year in at 10:00 pm and snuggle into bed with my love. Waiting for the New Year to wake me with a rejuvenated soul. I've made it into yet another year.

What will I do this year?

Wake every morning and ask myself...

"What can I do today that will make my loves lives better?"
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