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Its already been 2 weeks since we had to return her to Daddy Dave in Cache Creek.  The time is passing by very slowly.  Each day drags on into the other.  We all miss her alot. We were hoping her mom would send some information to us about how she's adjusting to life back in another foster home. Nothing has arrived as yet.

We carry on day to day.  The weather is changing and the flowers are beginning to show their heads.  The skies have brigthened and our walks have started to increase again. 

We have Seven and Mia visiting us so we have lots of playtime. Mia is onlyhere until the first week in May but Seven will be joining us untill September. His mom, ( our Aunty Kathi) is working up in the yukon as an Mining Exploration camp.  It's a fly into only area and it may have been a bit too traumatic for Seven.  So he's our little baby brother again this summer :)

Mom has still been doing alot of Turtle Gardens blog writing and she has been trying to help promote them through Facebook as well.

Their facebook address is here

Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue Society Yvette Labatte/150720474987798

Please read their comments and current happenings on 

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