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It looks like I've been totally delinquent in keeping this blog up to date. There was alot happening over the past few months and I must admit relaxing was in there as well.


We finally put our pool up this year and had a fabulous month of sun and swimming. The Grandchildren came for a short visit and we splashed and played in it for a few days.  I won't add a couple of photos here of those days because I don't have permission to. Their mom, Shawna, has asked me, "Please keep their photos private."   I totally respect where she is coming from.  <i>Shawna, we get to enjoy and giggle at their antics in private ;-) </i>


However there are other photos of our new pool on our photobucket album.  

We had Seven with us for the summer. Kathi was working up in the Yukon as a camp cook for an exploration company.  Similarly Logan is currently woroking with another exploartion company in Gold Bridge these days.  It make a mom feel so good to have both her children happy healthy and working full time. Ahh the good life :-) 

Good Health has followed our dogs this summer as well. Although we see age signs showing in King, he continues to romp and play with P. Molly like he's still a puppy.  If you check out his ears  you can clearly see the white that has taken over. His overall color is chaning rapidly from a deep ginger/red to a soft pastel gingery/orange.  I can relate to hair color change as I see athe straggly white ones creeping into my own scalp. I refuse to pluck them out cuz I'll be bald in a month lol  In reality. I couldn't care less about them ;-P


Duchess has settled in like a comfy old shoe. I know that's a terrible metaphore but it kind of really explains her personallity. I've been far better at updating her and Kings pages so please visit them to check out their updates. 




People have asked why Molly doesn't have a blog and I guess I should really create one for her. Years ago when Molly was first adopted I dedicated a page on our website specially for Molly and began her storya there.  It is my intention for the future to continue ono with the story I began for her.  I suppose Im waiting until I retire for "Molly" to write a book.  She continues to shine in our eyes

Princess MollyDawg...  We love you!


P. Molly & Daddy
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